Wedding notes

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May 1, 2017

Are you an inexperienced prospective bride? Are you looking for a wedding in the process of preparing for the wedding? Are you new people who are ready to marry, and that no one has ever thought that the wedding is like a little baby born, Need to worry about, take care. In fact, as long as the relaxed mood, clear thinking, the wedding as a fun and interesting things, you will find the preparation of the wedding is actually very simple.

1. engagement party
You are engaged, and now it is time to announce the world and prepare the party. Your engagement party does not need to be too luxurious, you need to save your every penny to prepare for a formal wedding.

2. Budget
When you are planning the right time, you need to think about how much money you have in your economy. How much do you have to prepare for your wedding? If you do not have a good budget, the overrun is easy. It is very common to spend tens of thousands of days on the wedding day. But you may not have so much money at all. If you are ready to start before you do not have to worry about your money, your credit card bill may always follow you.

3. Site
After considering your budget, you can start looking for the perfect venue. Before that, you should roughly calculate how many people you want to invite, or what your reception should be set up. There are many venues with distinctive modern features, plasticity, like an ideal blank canvas, and some of the more traditional venues, with nostalgic charm and characteristics. Once you have surveyed and made your mind, go and see the first three days to see the venue, and discuss your service, price and schedule with your wedding planning team.

4. wedding dress
For the purchase and selection of wedding is never too early, especially if you first want to make a fashion sense of creative wedding. It takes about 6-9 months. Do not try to go to too many shops, which will make this is very difficult to work harder. The best to pick their own wedding, or bring one or two friends, do not bring your entire wedding team, otherwise everyone has their own views, when you choose the more difficult to listen to their own wishes.

5. Props
Unless you have to buy a good props have been made, otherwise these are the prerequisites you need to prepare before the wedding, and even need to DIY. Whether you buy or make your own, your wedding invitation will give your guests a very important first impression. Use the invitation to light their imagination, so that they are full of passion and vision.

6. cake
If you know you will be friends who turn sugar cake, then you are a pair of lucky new people. If you do not have such a friend, there are many wedding cake workshops where you can choose. When you buy, first think about what type of cake. Is it a traditional stack of cakes, or cupcakes, cheese cakes, and Maccaron cake baskets … custom wedding cake, you also want to know how many layers of cake you want to fill in? Do the traditional cake, or made exotic? Sugar outside how to install the cake shape and how to keep in line with the wedding style?

7. wedding car
Similarly, if you want to choose a class of wedding car, it is necessary to find and make reservations in advance to avoid the disappointment of the situation. Convertible, carriage, fashionable luxury sedan, there will always be a wedding car and your wedding theme to match, and even rent helicopters, Ferrari cars are also no problem.

8. Wedding venue layout
Rather than it is a necessity, as it is a luxury. But for many new people, the decoration of the wedding venue for a dream wedding is very important. The back of the decoration is just a start, you can rent anything from chandeliers, fairy tale lights, these not only depends on your imagination, there are budgets.

9. bid farewell to the single party
One of the most interesting plans before marriage is to plan your farewell party. They should be interesting and memorable. Is to go out with friends and dinner, entertainment.

10. Wedding diary
Prepare a wedding diary, list a good list, write all the wedding need to book the key issues. In the course of the process to prepare the cut off, there are still to be resolved, the focus marked down to write each project have spent much money and look at how much money left. Even when the wedding preparation, what happened, can be recorded together.