Wedding House – Services

Wedding House – Services

Wedding House - Services

Ever since its founding, Wedding House srl has always been successful in organizing high quality wedding events for thousands of couples.

With a professional experience, a high quality wedding services and full-service, we reduce the weight of marriage preparation, optimize your wedding plans, making every detail of your wedding perfect, so you can enjoy the sweet moments of life with tranquility. Friendly and professional, innovation, integrity is our business philosophy. Our purpose of service is to pursue high quality, customer first, quality first and make you happy and satisfied.

A romantic wedding can increase the affections of two people. For this reason, all our pay is worth it.

Service list

1. Wedding

  Candies and Cake

  Wedding Cake

  Birthday cake


  Spanish ham

  Booking Villa

  Catering service

  Cold Fireworks/Fireworks

  Wedding Planning

  Proposed marriage planning

  Holiday Planning

  Light Effect

  Audio equipment

  Projection Equipment

  Chasing Light

  Organizing Parties

  Bride Dress


  Master of ceremonies

  Makeup Artist




  Car for Wedding




  Villa Scenography

  Chinese restaurant scenery

  Customizing Italian and Chinese menus

  Flower Decoration on the Table

  Bridal Room Decoration

  Decoration Flowers

  Wedding Supplies

  Wedding Invitation

  Auto Decoration

  Wrist holding flowers/flowers

  Table Decoration

  Six items for engagement

  Pigeons Liberations

  Release Balloons

  Fireworks Show

  Celebration Show


  Lottery Tickets + Box

  Hotel Reservation

2. Events

  Opening Ceremony Meal

  Opening Ceremony Gift

  Association planning

  Schedule pupils’ association

  Business events