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May 1, 2017

Marriage is a happy event of life, can be prepared before the process is complicated and trivial. Especially in Wenzhou, many of the etiquette of engagement, and sometimes even more trouble than marriage, the operation is also more time-consuming. Xilinmen wedding company in this time for you finishing out of the ultra-detailed process of engagement in Wenzhou:

1. Parents meet to negotiate engagement
Mainly set the yellow calendar and the man’s dowry, depending on the economic conditions of both sides. Received by the woman according to the economic conditions of the return, if the woman in good condition, directly accept all the gifts and purchase a car to the man.

2. election day
Generally in Wenzhou are both men and women to the birth of the eight characters to the experts there, experts will give you a few permutations to make your own election. It is recommended that the engagement period be a little later, because a lot of things to prepare or will be very hasty, the date of marriage can be with the engagement date of the past, will not let this tired period drag too long. Then the date of engagement is not necessarily on weekends or holidays, but the date of marriage is best for weekends or holidays.

3. Set an engagement and banquet
General wedding wine and wedding wine in Wenzhou are both men and women co-organized, so the table at least 20 tables above it Therefore, the engagement wine to be 3 months ahead of schedule, wedding wine to be one year ahead of schedule, it is possible to give you selected everyone is satisfied with the hotel.

4. Purchase two items for the engagement
Man to the woman:
(1) a set of gold: including earrings, bracelets, (anklet), necklace, a pair of ring, a diamond ring.
(2) candy: including sugar and a candle. (Sugar jelly is the white dyed red, fried into thick juice, and then use the mold out of the pomegranate shape, after cooling Serve. This is the characteristics of the engagement ceremony in Wenzhou yo, in other places you can not see) Wenzhou Hi candy size, all the women want candy all the man is responsible for including red sugar inside the candy.
Packaging can be expensive, but there must be re-use of the value, or on the cheap, run out to throw;
Candy to be delicious, and strive to do every kind of people can eat, not tasteless;
It seems to be particularly enough grade.
(3) watch: for the table, only to buy a lot to the woman.
Prices are depending on their preferences and economic conditions, usually around ten thousand. If you choose good, you can hundreds of thousands. Even buy all the table can be.
(4) cash instead of chicken and duck meat and other six
If you buy, “six samples” as follows:
① two crucian carp board children
② two knives three layers of meat
③ a yellow grass chicken
④ a pair of piglets
⑤ five pounds of longan
⑥ ten pounds of cockles
Now the popular “six samples” are:
① Chinese cigarettes two
② a pair of white wine (Wuliangye or Wuliang God)
③ longan and lychee each package

Woman to the man:
(1) the man married to wear a suit when wearing a shirt two, tie two, shoes, two pairs (casual shoes with a pair) casual wear two sets, a sock, gold: bracelet and necklace each one.
(2) a set of dishes: 88 pieces of 98 pieces of 108 can choose, as the case of purchase. Wenzhou shop now mainly concentrated in the Jiefang Road, Feixia North Road. It is recommended to run a few more, or more, otherwise the difference between the parties is not small. To send a bowl have to pick a day, Wenzhou people have “safe” one that “stable” homonym Wenzhou “bowl”.
Now the market of bone sterile porcelain and porcelain, it is recommended to buy ceramics, high temperature is not easy to crack, but also not like bone china as long as a long time easy to build dirt. There is attention, it is best to buy a microwave oven, this is very useful in the future.
(3) the woman’s “six samples” are:
① citrus
② pastry
③ date date
⑤ longan
⑥ lotus seeds
And then the man sent sugar candy back to send a man, orange immature pomegranate can be replaced, pomegranate multi-child, the same meaning early birth Takako.
Six different in Wenzhou have a special shop to buy, save a lot of time and energy.

5. Wedding photo:
According to their own needs to set the wedding, Wenzhou, the sub-set of small and small set, big refers to the banquet will be married to all the friends and relatives, and small refers to the engagement is only invited to participate in the pro. There may be a need for some of the contractors to carry out on-site layout, and small set without too much demand.

6. Date of engagement:
Both parents together with friends and family together in a hotel banquet engagement. Afternoon man drove to the woman’s house to meet the woman and his parents. After the hotel to the parents of both parents to pay tribute to friends and family to witness your love.

* Wenzhou each place is still slightly different customs, this is a more popular summary.